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VOHK SledsVOHK—fitting sleds to riders for over 20 years. At VOHK Performance we take today's best technologies combined with VOHK inginuity and build you a sled with the perfect fit. Our primary goal is to fit your sled precisely to you. Through consultation we learn your wants, needs, and expectations—your primary use demands. Then, with everything from subtle to extensive engine and chassis modifications, we achive that goal. VOHK...performance GUARANTEED!

VOHK is the performance mod shop component of Alpine Motor Sports, responsible for all performance work, custom sleds, part fabrication, machine shop functions, and hop-up parts.

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For the past 20 years, we have offered one-off custom VOHK packages to the retail customers of Alpine Motor Sports. We offer tailored set-ups to meet exact use demands and states of tunes specific to the customer's needs. VOHK specializes in turbos, big bores, strokers, single and twin exhaust systems, suspension mods, and more, all specifically tuned for elevation. Don't forget the NOS; as premier dealers for Boondocker, we have your system in stock.

The name VOHK is synonymous with fast sleds. We have been building mods for some of the top boondockers, racers, and free stylers in the world for years. Look for our mods in Slednecks, Boondocker, Braaap and mountains near you!

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The 2008 Season represented a suprising increase in turbo interest. As technology has increased the ability to handle the fuel demands of turbos applied to EFI 2 stroke engines has also. VOHK debuted the worlds first turbo M7 in oct 2004 at the Denver show expo and interest was meager. Turbos took a back seat to big bores for the years to come. This was largely due to the inability to properly manage fuel and boost, and the cost associated with early kits. Not so any more, with the new generation of technology developments such as Boondocker 3D fuel controls, electronic boost controls, digital timing keys and intercoolers (www.boondockers.com) the runability issues of the past are all but gone. Though some technical prowess is required, you need not be a full on tuner to ride a turbo sled. As part of the development team at Boondocker for 2 stroke turbos they will just continue to improve. Consider turn key kits starting around $7500.00, this is well within the reach of many. Make no mistake you will either ride one or get beat by one.




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Email to vohkperformance@aol.com.

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